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The Bearded Goon's Ridiculously Soft Beard Conditioning Oil

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Why Beard Oil?

Much of the reason men don’t grow their beards out is because beards can become wiry and rough when they get long.  Unchecked, wiry beard can cause large problems, becoming knotted, and unsightly, forcing the wearer to eventually shave his beard off.  

The Bearded Goon's Beard Conditioning Oil is an all-natural premium beard oil made with the highest quality blend of carrier oils that are combined with essential oils.

Together, they give facial hair both a fabulous scent and a healthy appearance. Designed to be very lightweight, our oils keep your beard conditioned and shiny. In addition, our beard oils help to soften, hydrate, and condition your beard while minimizing or eliminating dandruff. The lightweight blend won't weigh down your beard or make it feel greasy. Simply put, our beard oil is the best on the market.

Our beard conditioning oil contains no petroleum products, no nut-oils, and no artificial scents and is an amalgamation of avocado oil, golden jojoba oil, organic castor oil, and our fractionated coconut oil designed to deeply nourish your beard hair and add shine.  

Our blend of lightweight and heavier oils come together blended with a deep custom vanilla bean scent with aged oak bourbon undertones.  

With Great Beard comes Great responsibility:

It is a rare and wonderful thing when a bearded brother finds a partner who loves his beard as much as he does and here at The Bearded Goon’s Beard and Moustache Company, we aim to keep you together.  

Using our beard oil, your beard will go from frightful brillo pad to a kissably soft face pillow that your significant other will be proud to snuggle into.  

Made with only the finest ingredients:  


Directions for use:

1. With a damp, clean beard, apply a few drops of beard oil to your hand by gently shaking the bottle over your palm.  The beard oil comes with a special insert that makes applying the beard oil easy to do with no mess involved.

2. Rub palms together then spread the beard conditiioning oil evenly throughout your beard, making sure to work it into the roots of your beard to the tips of your beard.

3. Using a comb, gently comb your beard, being careful not to pull hard when you encounter knots.